Monday, November 3, 2008

Our vacation, in multiple parts

First things first: Patrick, Tyler's was awesome. I enjoyed the beer and laughs and only wish the stories were crazier.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.

Over the past two weeks since Alex and I returned from our amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, can't-believe-we-were-there, life-altering (or at least medium term plan altering) trip, a lot of people have asked to see pictures. So many that I think I should have written down the names because I'm not sure I will remember to send pics to them all. Especially since it may take me a lifetime to get them all organized.

In some ways, I think my ownership of Photoshop is an impediment. I mean, I have it, I can use it, so I should use it, right? BUT I DON'T HAVE TIME. Recent market movements notwithstanding, we're still in a financial meltdown, people. I have to spend a lot of my time focusing on retaining my job and the solvency of our family. You know, silly stuff like that. (To be clear, it's not that we're on the brink, I would just like to stay as far from said brink as possible, you know?)

Fortunately, I think Chris can support us for a little while if things get really bad. What's that saying about death and taxes? Won't the world always need tax accountants? Aren't they going to be the last thing to go, like cockroaches and twinkies?

I'm also going to blame the incompatibility of our laptop and desktop for any further delays. We brought our laptop on vacation, so we could check-in with work, download photos, blog (yes, yes, that part didn't go so well), etc. So all of my photos ended up on the laptop. Tonight I tried to transfer them over to the desktop and I got a random, jumbled mess of crap that could probably one day be sorted into a nice "Our amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, can't-believe-we-were-there, life-altering trip" photo album. But until then, I'm distressed by the disorganized mess of photos in iPhoto right now.

So I'll use NaBloPoMo to get through them, and if you're one of the people who wanted to see our photos, they'll be here. For those of you who forgot we even went on vacation, since my October posting record was not fabulous, check these out:

It's our trip!
Lounging (on the way)
We've arrived!
Birthday revelation

On the day of our arrival, we partook in the bridge climb. It was amazing. Here are a couple pictures of Alex and I on the bridge.

Admit it, you're jealous of our rockin' outfits. It's ok.

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