Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last night with Sydney

Our last day in Sydney was my birthday and we had plans to have dinner with our friend Jay that night (which was amazing by the way). We found ourselves with a bit of time between recovering from our "walk" and heading to dinner, so we made our way to the Royal Botanic Gardens again to see if we could catch the sunset before dinner. We couldn't, but we still got some lovely pictures.

I decided to start by liberally photographing the statues in the gardens.

They are such willing subjects - posing as long as I want them to, no eye-rolling when I decide I want to take a moment to change the settings on my camera or the angle of my shot. I need to find more gardens with statues! Or get better at taking pictures of people (which I plan to do this weekend!!, by the way).

The sunset was not spectacular from the gardens, and while the sweet light (that time right after sunset when the sky is a brilliant blue) would have been lovely, we had fantastic dinners to eat. So I have pictures of Sydney before dinner and Sydney after dinner.

Up next: we leave Sydney for New Zealand!

Goodbye Sydney! We'll never forget you!

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