Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I'm thankful for


And this.

Especially this.

Patrick slaved all day by the stove cooking for us today...

...ha! But honestly, Patrick is an awesome guest - very helpful.

Except when he complains about our music selections.

The star of our Thanksgiving show is always the stuffing, my grandmother's recipe. I love that while I never knew her, I still get to pay tribute to her every November.

There is a ton (a ton! so much that I make it in a giant vat) of stuff in this stuffing. And one, basic, store-bought ingredient. I know, I know, it's semi-homemade. :( But let's not call it that. It is awesome and so what if I use store-bought stuffing mix. This is much better than anything Sandra Lee could make.

And then the turkey. That's pretty good as well. It's a 24 hour process from refrigerator to table, but well worth it.

And then everything else. Our stove top was working over-time today. And that's where Patrick came in. He's excellent at making roux. If you ever need help with that, give him a call!

In fact, everyone chipped in. Those pies in the first picture? They are courtesy of my mom's oven. And they were awesome.

We had a great Thanksgiving today on Southport. I hope you all did as well!

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