Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Liam - seven weeks cute, er, old

Is it me, or does this little guy look a lot older than seven weeks?

my cousin Susie? She had her baby Liam seven weeks ago and he's adorable!! Last weekend, I was in Milwaukee to independently verify his cuteness and I am happy to report that neither mom nor grandmom were lying when they told me that he's really really cute! And big! With an amazing full head of hair - check it out!

Susie has taken to motherhood like a fish to water. She is a pro and just beams with pride!

Liam's grandmother Mary is a pro as well, though she's had some practice. (This is her second grandson.) You can see just how much she lights up when Liam smiles. As she pointed out, Liam is very interactive for a seven-month-old.

He's a great smiler!

And a pro sleeper.

Liam, this picture is for you, I know how much you love black-and-white photos! :)

I can't wait to head back up North for some more photos! Click here to read more!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visiting Jack

Work slowed down enough this week for me to visit my new little friend Jack on Friday evening. I haven't seen him in a while, and he and my camera haven't had a get-together since the beginning of the year.

Karen was kind enough to let me come by to take a few photos of the little guy. Jack and I had a lot of fun. Jack, because bath time is one of his favorite times of day...

...and me, because I got to try out my new lens (a 24-70mm, 2.8), which was a lot of fun! Even Jack was impressed.

It's amazing how much Jack has grown in the few short weeks since I last saw him, and it's great to see him preparing for Dartmouth already:

toGA, toGA, toGA!
(just kidding, Karen)

Jack is a sweetheart and we had a great visit with him and his parents, who just exude pride from every pore (as they should).

I cannot wait to practice some more with my lens!! Who's next? :) Click here to read more!