Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paper heaven in NYC

Many months ago, I read about an amazing paper store in New York. I should go there, I thought. It looks cool, but I wonder if it actually is.

And I forgot about it.

Then one day I was in New York with some extra time and I thought I should find that store. But then my friend called and I visited her instead.

A few stays came and went without thinking about paper, but then one evening of a different stay, I found myself walking back to my favorite hotel late at night. I always stay at the same hotel in New York. About 100 feet from the front entrance, I saw it. The paper store I always meant to go to is essentially next door to the hotel where I always stay. Duh!

So I committed to visit this store. Only every time I stay in New York, I arrive at my hotel after the store closes and leave before it opens. Oh the torture!!!

Except this time, this time!, the saga came to an end. I arrive
d in New York in the afternoon. Oh happy day! Today, I found myself in paper heaven. :)

Oh, and the best part of all? The amazing leather-like paper I found in Tokyo is sold here, so I don't have to fly all the way back to Japan to buy more! Alex, you can thank me later for saving us thousands of dollars. ;)

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