Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthday revelation

After six days, I’m fairly certain of my conclusion. I want to move to Sydney. Alex is copacetic. So it’s settled. At some point in this lifetime, we will move to Australia.

Our stay in Australia was amazing.

We climbed bridges.

We swam with the fishies.

We strolled along beautiful beaches.

We walked among kangaroos and wallabies.

And hiked beside turquoise waters.

Of course I totally assume that this is what people in Sydney do all day everyday.


Even if they don't. Even if they actually work, are you kidding? How can a city be close to and surrounded by so many lovely locales? The weather was amazing. The people were great. The food was wonderful. The city was vibrant. And the natural beauty…stunning.

We're so there.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely daughter! I'm quite jealous of everything you are getting to take in on your travels. I look forward to lots more pictures upon your return and the opportunity to celebrate your birthday and anniversary. Keep enjoying!


  2. *angry comment about lack of new posts*