Friday, November 7, 2008

Back to Sydney, or, the part where we fell in love

After a lovely stay at Thala, we hopped on a plane so we could have a chance to spend some quality time getting to know Sydney a little better. It turns out she also makes a lovely second impression.

The Sydney zoo is just a 15 minute ferry ride from the central business district (the CBD, for those of you in the know), and it is amazing. So it was our next destination.

The ferry

It's a gorgeous location.

You can walk among kangaroos and wallabys.

Baby in a pouch! Baby in a pouch! So cool!

And koalas! There are koalas!

Can you spot the baby?

And all sorts of other cool animals, see?

Alex's favorite, the old man monkey

Is it me, or is there something creepy about the way this guy is looking at me?

Oh, and everyone says you have to see the bird show. And they're right. I'm so not a bird person, but the view and the bird doing tricks are way cool. Here's a pretty (but stupid) bird giving money to a Yankees fan. Ugh. Couldn't he have found a poor Cubs fan? The Yankees need more money like Tokyo needs more people. But that's a subject for another day...

Silly birdbrain!

We had a great time at the zoo. On the ferry ride back, I started to think, this city is pretty cool. I may want to spend more time with her. I should take her out again and see if we really are as good of a match as it seems we might be...

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