Sunday, June 29, 2008

When life gives you soft peaches, make sorbet!

That's what I did today.

One of the consequences of doing our grocery shopping at Costco is having to find uses for all of the excess food purchase. Eventhough we often buy more than we need, I think we still spend less than if we purchased the same things at a grocery store. Especially when I find a use for the excess.

Alex asked me the other day if he should throw out the peaches in the fridge that were starting to get soft. I begged him not to and promised I would find a use for them. And I did.

Most turned into this*:

The rest turned into peach puree for bellinis for the next person who comes to our house and demands them.

Other than that, lots of activity in and out of the Steele house this weekend:
- Christopher moved into our basement. More on our new roommate later.

Me dominating Chris in an arm wrestling competition... far as you know

- Alex and I attended a baby naming ceremony for one of my colleagues' new babies. I got lots of practice playing with my camera with all the cute kids in attendance.

- My mom and I had a lovely visit in Milwaukee with my Aunt Mary and Cousin Susie. And by the way, the third ward in Milwaukee is very happening/up-and-coming. How fun!

Beautiful view of Lake Michigan from my Aunt Mary's Condo

View from our lunch locale in the third ward

* The peach sorbet recipe is really not involved enough to type up, but the gist is puree 1.5 lbs of peaches (after peeling them and removing the pits), mix with 2 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp of amaretto (or anything else you think would go well with peaches) and sugar syrup (made with 1 c sugar and 0.5 c water simmered until sugar dissolves and cooled), cool in refrigerator for an hour or so, and mix in ice cream maker until set.

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