Sunday, June 1, 2008

Miracle basil?

Yesterday, I planted the few herbs and the tomato plant I purchased last weekend at the Green City Market. Yes, I'm a terrible, neglectful gardener, but the plants were troopers. They survived their week by the back door, while I waited for weather conditions to be optimal (and while I waited for the motivation to climb up to our rooftop where sun-loving plants do best).

Most of what I plant every year goes into containers, especially my edible plants, which need lots of sun and protection from the jerky squirrels who like to nibble on and/or kill my edible plants. As a result, everything I plant each year suffers its demise either during my summer vacation or the long, cold, Chicago winter. So imagine my surprise when I made it up to the roof and found this:

Is that basil? Did my basil plant from last year survive total neglect during our August trip and the blistery winter on our roof deck? Is that even possible? Or is this a weed that found its way into my pot masquerading as basil so I don't tear it out from its cushy spot next to my new cherry tomato plant?

Time will tell. For now, I'm fascinated by what I'm calling my "miracle basil." As I've said to Alex at least five times this weekend, I really hope it's basil! Especially because now, it's super cute and tiny. Cute and tiny miracle basil!

The miracle basil's tininess in perspective

The squirrel-proof cage

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