Sunday, June 8, 2008

Indoor activities

In the middle of every winter, I think, oh, how I wish it were summer. I would much rather be hot than cold. I miss the sun. So what if it comes with humidity. I don't remember humidity being that bad.

Well, summer slapped us in the face this weekend. So, you've been waiting all winter for me, eh?, it asks. No, no!, I say. I really just wanted it to be spring! I just got confused!

Spring and Fall seem all-too-often to be short-lived in Chicago. This weekend, Chicago was hot, humid, gross - and all that about three weeks too early! We spent most of the weekend indoors: we played
our new(/old) game on the wii, I saw a movie (and I really enjoyed it, I don't care what the critics say!), and I made meringues (from Smitten Kitchen).

Sadly, I'm not able to make my food pictures look as beautiful as those on Smitten Kitchen, Simply Recipes or 101 Cookbooks. I think I'm getting better, but perfect pictures of my kitchen creations elude me.

Getting closer...but serious photoshopping was required

It's a skill I hope to shame myself into acquiring after a while posting here and h
aving you say - ick, I would never make any of the food you make, because your food looks gross! I don't want you to think I make gross food. A renaissance chick like me would not do that. (Cue Alex fretting that this means I will soon start pursuing food styling as a hobby, like the people on Scoop! - the Ice Cream competition show that airs on the Food Network from time to time*.)

In fact, I only write here about food that I made that I like. For example, in the meringue picture, you'll see some strawberry ice cream. I made it. It was fine, tasty, but not excellent. So I didn't even tell you about. That's how much I care.

Unworthy ice cream

* By the way, the second place flavor on Scoop! was Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle. Haagen Dazs decided to make it in addition to the winner's Sticky Toffee Pudding. I was fortunate to know people with good enough taste to serve Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle to me one day. It's amazing. I highly recommend that you try it. I buy it whenever I see it in the grocery store, eventhough it's crazy over-priced. It's probably the only thing I buy from the grocery store whether it's on sale or not, because I'm worried they will stop making it.


  1. I saw SATC this weekend too. I also loved it. It was exactly what it should have been. I then went out and bought season 1 on DVD so I could watch it while I put my invitations together. It was the perfect way to spend my day off.

  2. So Mark thinks that you love your new macro lens a bit too much. We are thinking about ways to create on line menu, recipe tracking so that we can all share our best recipes and search each others favorites. We spent our weekend wishing for summer here. Still crazy cold and still wearing turtlenecks here! blech. Give me some sun and heat!

  3. HA HA!!! There can never be enough love for the macro. I need a tripod! And better flashes! And a white box...and...and...

    [Alex cringes]

    Just kidding, babe.