Thursday, June 26, 2008

What keeps me on the couch in the summer

Sure, summer is great and all, but I still need to put in at least some time making sure the couch doesn't float away. And once it gets really hot, I go into a sort-of reverse hibernation where I stay inside in the cold to avoid the hot outside (my temperature tolerance is really limited to a pretty narrow band, especially when there is humidity involved).

Some of you may have noticed a nod to Steven Colbert in my most recent post. Alex and I really enjoy his brand of fake news, the running jokes (love shows that reward the regulars) and his over-the-top (for effect) self-promotion. His ability to call large groups of young people to action is both impressive and disturbing (in that it rivals Barack Obama's). We like Colbert so much that last year, as a birthday gift to Alex, we went to New York to see the Colbert Report live, where we saw this happen. At 1:53 into the video, you can even see Alex and I in the audience:

It was Colbert's most recent call to action that causes me to once again give him a tip of the hat.

His campaign to make McCain interesting is phenomenal, especially the contribution of Colbert Nation member, Wayne Simbro. Enjoy:
If you would like a fuller explanation and more videos, look no further than here. Ridiculousness at its finest!


  1. Did you see the cover of the Alumni magazine???

  2. Ugh! I did. I thought it was a little corny. I mean, I love that they picked up on the fact that Steven Colbert (the character) went to Dartmouth. I just wish they would have done the article with his participation. Without it, it seemed a little weird.

  3. So so jealous that you got to see Colbert in person!