Friday, June 6, 2008

One of my favorite things about Chicago - More on farmers' markets

I know I already told you about the Green City Market and how much I like it, but more generally, I'm a fan of how much the city of Chicago makes an effort to support local farmers by setting up markets throughout the city. In addition to checking out the Green City Market and the local neighborhood markets, I sometimes like to walk over to Daley Plaza on Thursdays during lunchtime to see what kind of fresh fruits and veggies I can bring home for dinner.

I think I like the Daley Plaza market so much because of the juxtaposition of the Daley Center (the very serious home of the Cook County court system and other Cook County and City of Chicago stuff), the Picasso (I realize this wasn't his only work, but this sculpture is known in Chicago as "the Picasso"), and the asparagus.

The sight of farmers with their wares makes Chicago seem, to me at least, a little less like a huge city and a little more like home. Also, shopping for vegetables in the middle of the day makes me feel like a renaissance chick (cooking, gardening, photography and finance all within the same day!). And I want you to believe I'm a renaissance chick. That's what I'm trying to convince you of.

So yesterday I trudged through the thick mass of humidity that separated my office from Daley Plaza, perused veggies and ogled the gorgeous peonies.

It was the highlight of my day... Much better than that 6am workout that has hobbled me since.

Where my new spearmint plant came from
AND, where I didn't need to buy basil, because I already have some!

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