Thursday, June 12, 2008

Returning home

At the age of 17, like many young nerds, I was faced with the decision of where I was going to live for the next four years of my life. At the time, it seemed daunting. Now that I'm older and wiser, I know I would have been fine at any school I would have chosen, but I also know that I couldn't have found a better place than Dartmouth to spend those four years.

I'm returning to Hanover for my 10th (!) reunion. Very excited to see old friends, meet new ones (a friend's new baby girl!) and spend some quality time with one of my favorite corners of the globe. Add to that the happy coincidence that Alex was born and raised in and around Hanover, and the result is that we're both excited to go back and eat our favorite foods, go to our favorite stores and see our favorite sights.

I plan to take lots of pictures and hope that a couple are good enough to share when I return. Until then, enjoy the ones I swiped from the Dartmouth web page.

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  1. I'm very sad that I won't be there this weekend. Not only because I have to spend the weekend on call in the ICU, but because I truly had some wonderful times there and wish I could come back to experience it all again with you guys. Ah well. There's always the 15 year reunion, right? Say hi to everyone for me, and feel free to tell people how happy and succesful I am if the topic should come up. :)