Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nothing really

A conversation I had at a dinner with friends last night made me think a little bit about my blog.

There were two comments made: First, by blogging, I am, apparently, inviting creepy stalkers to take a peek at my life. Second, my blog is about nothing. You would think the latter would protect me from the former. I mean, what kind of creepy stalker gets turned on by nothing anyway?!?!

Anyway, I've been thinking about the first statement. I write a blog about nothing. It's true, I guess. My posts don't have a central theme. They are really just musings about the life of a girl fully immersed in a boy's world at work who tries to tip the scale the other direction outside of the office. Since I don't like to write about work here, my posts skew a little girly.

I focus on what I see and what I do when I leave work, because I still appreciate every moment I have outside my office building. I used to be an investment banker. I used to work over 100 hours a week. I relish my personal time. I like to spend my time in the outside world like a tourist, fascinated by the city that surrounds me, trying new things, taking pictures and telling my friends all about it.

Sure, not all of my time outside of the office is like a vacation. There are dinners to make (though I haven't done that in a while because I've been working late), dishes to clean (which don't really exist when you don't make dinner), laundry to wash (actually, Alex doesn't let me do the laundry, and I'm fine with that), brothers/basement dwellers to pick up after (except Chris has been working late too and he sticks to a strict disposable dinnerware policy, so there's not too much to do there)... Hmmm. Well, normally all that stuff (except the laundry) occupies some of my time away from work.

My point is, I do my best to view my personal time, my evenings, my Saturdays and my Sundays (my fun days, when-I-don't-have-to-run days) with appreciation. And I want to tell you about it. In case you want to know what's going on in my world, maybe even what recipes I've tried and liked and where you should eat the next time you're in Chicago. So there's no central theme, and maybe that could be construed as nothing, but I'm ok with it. I'll write about cookies and photos and vacations and my favorite places in Chicago. And sometimes, I'll spice it up with random Karl Rove related musings. I feel like I was upfront from the start.

That's just the way I am.


  1. I've only had one mildly uncomfortable personal encounter related to the blog -- on of my attendings at work found me on google and told me he read it. As I too write about nothing, it shouldn't have bothered me, but there's something about that line between work and personal, and I would have prefered he stayed on the other side. So I went home and googled myself and spent the next several hours making sure you couldn't find me. I don't care if strangers read my blog, I don't care if friends read my blog. It's those people who know me, but not on a personal level that I world prefer not read it. Ah well, if I really cared I'd password protect it. :)

  2. Avg days between blogs

    April: 1.25
    May: 1.72
    June: 2.31
    July: 3.10
    Aug: 4.43
    Sept: 5.84 (est.)
    Oct: 7.58 (est.)
    Nov: 9.59 (est.)
    Dec: 11.9 (est.)