Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cubbie break?

I often step away from my desk for a few minutes to run down to the Starbucks in my building. Everyone needs a coffee break every now and then, right? Today, I took a slightly longer, extremely cooler break. I was able to sneak away from my office for a few hours this afternoon and see 5.5 innings of baseball within the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. I couldn't stay too long, because I actually had work to complete this afternoon, but I had a great time all the same.

Ryan Theriot has the coolest last name. Built-in, amazing, ready to go, easy to grasp, totally rad nickname: The Riot.

Anyway, it was a lovely day and everything really started out wonderfully. The Cubs put a run on the board in the bottom of the second - great start. The euphoria didn't last long, though. In the top of the third inning, the Astros (boooo!) scored four runs (booooooooo!). When the third out finally came to end the Astros' at bat, my colleague turned to me and said, "well, that was a terrible inning." And he was right, I mean, look at the scoreboard:

In the bottom left it shows that the Cubs are losing 4 to 1. You may just have to trust me on this one.

But I was feeling optimistic. In a rare showing of prescience, I turned to him and said, "the inning is not over my friend."

And I was right. DeRosa hit a grand slam with 2 outs. That was followed by a Fukudome double, an intentional walk of Soto, an RBI double hit by none other than Marquis (the pitcher!!) and a three-run homer hit by Soriano was the cherry on top.

The aforementioned cherry.

The Cubs scored 8 runs in the bottom of the third.
There, that's much better. (9 to 4)

Unfortunately, I had to leave during the top of the sixth. Fortunately, nothing really happened after the top of the seventh (other than the seventh inning stretch, alas).

Great afternoon. :) Everyone needs a Cubbie break every now and then, right?

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