Monday, April 21, 2008

So Begins Life on Southport

When Alex and I searched for our home together, we had two criteria: First, we did not want to live with anyone above, below or next to us - neighbors are noisy and if they're not, they move. Second, we did not want to move again for a really long time - we needed a place where we could live for lots and lots of years. When we first visited what is now our home, we declared it the most adult place we had ever looked at and since we aspire to be adults some time between now and lots and lots of years from now - it was perfect. And so began our Life on Southport.

What a great name for a blog! You know, it just came to me like that, and I was inspired and compelled to write! Brilliant.

OK, that's not actually the genesis of the blog. I'm pretty certain it occurred to me one day as I picked up my Wall Street Journal on the way to work and put it into my bag next to copies of Cooks Illustrated and Martha Stewart Living that I was not a typical girl. I needed an outlet - more than just cooking and book binding and photography and all that other crazy stuff I do when I'm not working. I needed to tell people about it. A blog! Yes! A blog is how I will let people into my world! Of course, it took me 3 months to come up with a suitable name (and you can't start a blog without a name, right?), so this might not work. I mean, who will read my blog if it takes me 3 months to come up with something to say?!?! But I am optimistic. I've gotten past that hurdle. I'm ready for primetime. I hope. :)

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