Thursday, July 31, 2008

One of my favorite things about Chicago - Navy Pier fireworks

Chicago is a great city. A beautiful city. But you already know I feel that way. As much as I brag about it, though, I really only see a small subset of the city on a daily basis: my house, my office, my gym, the track on Chicago Avenue (still surviving!), Costco, a couple restaurants we frequent and the farmers market.

Every year about 30 million people visit Chicago. I'm pretty certain none of them (or at least very few) come to Chicago to see my house, my office, my gym, the track on Chicago Avenue, or Costco. Some might find their way to the restaurants I like or the farmers market (either this or this) because I talk them up so much.

Chicago, circa last night

I always wish we could spend more time enjoying some of the things that bring so many people to Chicago every year. Each summer, I vow that this will be the year I take a day off to be a tourist in Chicago. I never do. But last night, a work event forced me to spend a little bit of time being a tourist in my own city.

One of the banks I work with hosted Alex and I for a cruise on Lake Michigan last night. We had a terrific time and stayed after the cruise to watch the fireworks off Navy Pier. Every Wednesday and Saturday during the summer, there's a fireworks show at Navy Pier. All summer. So cool. When Alex and I were dating, we could watch the show from his apartment, so seeing it again was a fun way to reminisce.

And it was pretty.

And pretty things are fun to watch.

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