Friday, July 4, 2008

Technical difficulties

So I've missed out a couple photo opportunities so far this weekend, but that's no reason for me not to write. I’ve done my best to show you what mine eyes did see anyway.

First, I wanted to report that it's been five weeks, and I have thus far stuck with my morning workouts. It's mildly impressive, because I'm so not a morning person. I qualify my accomplishment as only mildly impressive, though, because I haven't changed much about the days I don't wake up early to work out. I'm still not a morning person.

All the same, on Tuesday, I wake up at 5am, get dressed, run 3.5 miles to my trainer's studio, work out for an hour and then jog or take the bus to work (1.5 miles). On Thursday, I also wake up at 5am, get dressed, bike 4 miles to the track, do an hour-long track workout, regain my breath and ride my bike 2 more miles to work.

On Thursday mornings, my bike ride takes me to the lakefront path and sometimes the sunrise is so stunning, I have to stop and marvel at its beauty. This Thursday, I decided to bring my camera on my bike ride so I could share the beauty with you. As I had hoped, the sunrise was beautiful, colorful, brilliant, so I stopped my bike, opened up my camera and… it immediately closed. Foiled by a dead camera battery! So I’ve done my best to recreate the lovely scene:

Pretty, eh?

Second, last night, given the high winds, cool temperatures and the fact that well over a million people were expected to congregate on Chicago’s lakefront for the fireworks show, Alex and I hoped we could take in the Independence Day celebrations from our roof. Turns out our view isn’t that good, so we watched the fireworks on TV. We’re awesome.

Had we been there to take a picture, though, it would have looked lovely, like this, sort of:

Only less tacky.

Happy 4th!

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