Monday, July 14, 2008

Craft overboard

Where was I all weekend? I was even in town and still was terribly neglectful! I'm sorry. I have no excuse other than an overwhelming urge to make something.

It started out quite simply and rationally:
I was going to a baby shower on Sunday. (ok)
I purchased a few outfits for the little one. (makes sense)
I wanted to put them all in the same box, but I had purchased the items from a few different sources. (understood)
I couldn't find an appropriately sized box. (bummer)
Saturday afternoon was a little gray and I had already made the decision to stay in. (why not?)
So I decided to make a box for my present. (wha??)

Yeah, that's the point at which I start to get a little irrational, but look, it was cute!

So I purchased box board and little-boy-appropriate paper from Paper Source and did all kids of math to figure out how big each board should be. I cut boards. I glued them together.

I made a bookcloth hinge. I did a bunch more math to figure out the size of all of the pieces of paper. I covered the box in paper.

I put each outfit inside and went off to the shower.

I think the end product was very cute, and I hope it might find a way to be useful for storing bibs or burp cloths or other appropriately sized items that fit into a 19"x13"x3" box. I'm not sure. Is a 19"x13"x3" box useful? Karen, if you find a use for it, let me know. Otherwise, I may have to ditch this ridiculous offshoot of my bookbinding hobby. :)

So what about the rest of the weekend? Saturday morning, I had a lovely breakfast with my mother. Sunday morning, I had a wonderful recreational jogging experience. Sunday afternoon, I was at the baby shower. And Sunday night? Um, on Sunday night, I was busy nursing a mean Irishman's tan that I acquired while sitting outside at the shower.

Normal color of my back: Current color of my back:

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