Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wish you were here...

Finally! Captured on film (well on my digital point and shoot on the way to my track workout), the elusive (to me at least) Chicago lakefront sunrise. Can you believe that is Chicago? I truly love this city. I mean, look, it's a beach (!), in the midwest (!), and I am confident that the only nearby jellyfish are in the aquarium (!!!). Jellyfish-free beaches make me happy. :)

And how cool is the sky in this picture! It was mid-day blue in between the clouds above my head and pure sunrise as you looked east over the lake. I'm smitten with Chicago. I'm in deep smit. (Can anyone name that movie?)

I know I won't convince you that palm trees are native to Illinois or that this is the way Chicago always looks, but this is how it rewards me for waking up early and biking to my morning track workouts this summer. What a treat!

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