Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weddings and concerts and sick days, oh my!

I knew it. I knew as soon as she said it. "Kathleen, I really love your blog. You're so reliable. I know I can count on a post from you at least every other day." Or something like that. I don't have a phonographic memory. Anyway, I knew as soon as Tracy said those words to me that I would fail you, my loyal blog readers.

It's been a crazy week. It started out this past weekend when I was out of town. Guess where I was:

Alex and I had a lovely weekend in Seattle, catching up with friends and seeing my beautiful wondertwin Becky get hitched.

Lovely and happy. Exactly how you should look on your wedding day.

Then things at work got crazy.

Then I had to go to a concert on Tuesday.
(can you tell who it is?)

They even came up into the stands and did a few songs. What a band of the people!

So after all that fun, the dinner I had on Tuesday rendered me unable to get out of bed on Wednesday.

Then today came around and here we are. I'll try not to stay away so long next time.

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