Thursday, May 21, 2009

The rest of the portraits

Let's see, where was I?

Oh right: and a couple! (A couple of professional photographers - yikes!!)

My second photoshoot on Day 3 of the amazing photography workshop that I've been writing about here, here, and here was with a couple: Matt and Laura, who were among the group teaching the workshop.

I have another story about how not inside-of-my-element I was, but first, a picture, just so you know it all turned out ok in the end.

Oh wow. When I was told I would work with Matt and Laura next, my stomach turned inside out. Doubt started to creep into my mind - I mean, I had seen their self-portraits. What did they need me to take pictures of them for anyway? :) And they know what they're doing! What if they think what I'm telling them to do is stupid? What if they know what I'm photographing won't work? What if...

Fortunately, I didn't have too much time for self-doubt because I was thrown into a group where shooting was already in progress. A couple of snaps of the shutters and the group turned to me as
Matt and Laura asked (very nicely, I might add), so what would you like us to do?


I was a deer in headlights. And here's something you may not know about me: I have a quirk. Probably more than one, but one in particular that came to light here. When I'm nervous or don't know what to say, I crack jokes - weird jokes, inappropriate jokes (not in the risque or dirty sense,
just simply not germane), anything to distract people from my unease.

So I asked Matt to twirl Laura. I meant spin. In the dancing sense. But that's not what I said. So I explained what I meant and then somehow decided it would be a good time to start in on the weird jokes. Frolic like bunnies! I said. I was kidding, but no one laughed. So I kept going: If you don't want to spin her, you can both hop around like bunnies - that might be nice!

I hoped they knew I was kidding. I really think they looked nice spinning!

And then they did this at the end, making it all worthwhile. They are a gorgeous couple.

I think at one point I even asked them to talk to each other as they walked away from me. The topic? Why you aren't bunnies. Totally weird. I know. I cannot believe I'm even telling you this.

Fortunately for me, you don't need to tell Matt and Laura too much to get a beautiful picture.

You guys were wonderful and wonderfully patient models. Thank you!


  1. Frolic like bunnies! Ha! Now you can use that one on all of your other subjects! Thank you for taking these photo's Kathleen! We certainly didn't mean to put you in the headlights at all! We just wanted to include you. I definitely did not get that you were nervous at all, so you did well to hide it! I really love the first and last photo here. It truly shows our love for each other. Thank you Kathleen!

  2. love it kathleen!! love your honesty ... i know we were all feeling the same way.

    beautiful, beautiful images! love the last two especially!

  3. I'm with Matt. The first and last are awesome! I love being able to see how I feel. You captured it well. Thank you! And, I didn't mind the quirky humor. Matt and I are all about quirky. ;-)

  4. stunning Kathleen! that first photo is a jaw dropper!

  5. SO beautiful! You captured them so well. BRAVO!!