Sunday, May 24, 2009

Patrick, you're a handsome (Blue) Devil

I'm in London this weekend, visiting my brother-in-law Graham, but I couldn't wait to share these pictures with you.

The weekend after the photography workshop that I attended in San Francisco, my little brother Patrick graduated from Duke. With a Masters. In Computer and Electrical Engineering. With a 4.0. After finishing his undergraduate degree in 3 years.


And he still manages to be cool. Check it out:

We spent the weekend wandering around the lovely Duke campus. So gothic and so beautiful.

There are some places on campus that hold great memories for Patrick, including his fraternity.

And Patrick showed me some of his favorite spots on campus, which included the Engineering buildings. (Show off!)

And then he graduated! And this time it didn't rain!

Patrick at the same tree as last year, only drier.

We had a great time spending the day together as a family.

And Alex showed us a little bit of what it would be like to be a history/international affairs major.

That is, if he was our professor.


  1. Kathleen, it's Carrie from the workshop! These photos are great, you must be SO proud of your brother! I think my favorite is the shot of the tassles in his mouth-made me smile:)

  2. Wow Kathleen! Great photos! Great color and perfect shots.

  3. Wow! Handsome AND smart!! Awesome pics!