Sunday, May 17, 2009

More adventures in actual portraits

After surviving the experience of my first real photoshoot on Day 2 of the San Francisco workshop, I assumed the rest would be easy. But Day 3 arrived with a whole set of new challenges. New kinds of subjects - a family! with kids! and a couple! (A couple of professional photographers - yikes!!)

Taking pictures of people who do what I tell them to was still new as of Day 2 - one day does not an expert make, apparently. But I had amazing subjects who made it easy to take these pictures.

First was the beautiful family:

Smiling faces,

laughing with dad,

and doing what little boys do best

I had a great time photographing them.

I'll tell you about the couple next time.

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  1. Was like EVERY family stunning?? That image of the little girl with her mom... LOVELY!!!! They are going to love these shots!