Thursday, November 4, 2010

Missing October

The walk home today was miserable. Freezing cold, blowing wind, pouring rain. Yucky yuck yuck. On days like today, I couldn't care less that my 3/4 mile walk home from the train is "good for me." Instead I wish I lived in my office so I could turn to my colleagues at the end of the day and say "if you lived here, like me, you would be home right now!" And they would be jealous because they had to go outside into the cold, windy, rainy yuckiness, and I didn't.

So as I bend my inside-out umbrella back into shape and wait for my pant legs to dry, the pictures from last Saturday seem extremely appealing.

Beautiful, right?

Last Saturday, Alex and I joined my brother Chris for lunch at our local pizza place. On the way home, we were struck by how gorgeous it was outside. We couldn't help but stop at the playground by our house to see if Will would enjoy a little time in the bucket swing. He was unimpressed (but also a little tired).

Ah, how I pine for October!

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