Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

It's been a while since I've written - there's been lots of travel since my last real post. London, Paris and Florida separate this entry from the last time you heard from me.

Moving from one year to another often gives rise to a bit of reflection, and so I find myself looking both backward and forward today.

2008 was a tough year. There were disappointments and triumphs. And while the markets turned upside down and our (or maybe just my) dreams of retiring early seem like a silly fantasy now, I learned that I don't need those things to be happy. Meeting goals and succeeding is fun and satisfying; worrying about things beyond my control isn't. And so I found a fascinating (to me, at least) part of me that doesn't need to be a portfolio manager or retire at 45, a part that would consider another job if I had to and a part that simply finds satisfaction in knowing I did my best. How very Stuart Smalley of me!

Armed with the knowledge that I'm more resilient than I thought, yet still wanting to be the best Kathleen I can be, I'm looking forward to some self-improvement in 2009. I still want to succeed at work; I want to do better work this year than last, irrespective of market performance. But this will not happen at the expense of my health. That means being better about working out. And eating a bit better. Oh, yes, cliche as it may be, I'm going to try to whip myself into shape this year. :) And I'm telling you, my dear readers, in the hopes that you might hold me to it. I also want to improve my photography with the simple goal this year of asking myself two questions before I shoot - did you set the ISO appropriately? what about the white balance? I'm tempted to write it on the back of my camera. We'll see if writing it down here is sufficient.

I'm excited for 2009. I'm nervous. But I'm ready.

Happy New Year!

More on our travels later this month.

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  1. reading this makes me feel bad that I don't have any resolutions, or at least none that I share publicly to ensure people hold me to account. As they say, that train has sailed.

    Honestly, though, don't let the ISO thing get you down.