Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dancing 2008 Away

I showed you the cute little ones with whom we celebrated the arrival of 2009, this post is about the adults. So as the title suggests, as we have done for the past 10 years, we danced the old year away and welcomed in the new one.

Trying to convey motion with a long shutter speed.
Do you get it? They're DANCING!

We welcomed 2009 with princess cake and sunburst (or was it sunshine? sunkist? sun-a-licious?) cake and hugged and smooched when the midnight struck (even if the TV didn't work and we had to rely on the internet to know when 12:00:00am 1/1/09 rolled around).

Princess cake and that other cake

And Alex and I had a fantastic time, as always.

Once the new year began, there was swimming in the ocean (not for me, I'm totally afraid of jellyfish) and sea kayaking.

And, of course, pong. The real kind - the Dartmouth kind. That's the only kind worth playing. In case anyone wanted my opinion...

I love Palm Beach for the New Year. Liam and Karen, thanks for letting Alex and me celebrate with you and your family.

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