Monday, January 26, 2009

Boca Raton

Our annual pilgrimage to Florida would not be complete without a stop in Boca Raton to visit Alex's grandparents, so we made our way south on 95 before heading back to Chicago.

We had a really nice visit and even enjoyed a beautiful walk along the beach (and the last bit of blue sky and sunshine Alex and I will probably see until June).

Really beautiful, even if there was evidence that lots of jellyfish and their equally evil cousins, the Portuguese man o' war(s, men o' war??) were swimming in the ocean. (Meaning, I went nowhere near the ocean. Totally afraid.)

Watch out! Stingers in the ocean!

Alex's grandmother, however, was fearless and swam in the ocean, while I cowered in the shade, afraid of burning and getting attacked by a jellyfish.


Happy and sting-free!

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