Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas in London (Part 5)

We returned to London (possibly the only modern city in the world with working phone booths) in time to celebrate Christmas and do a little shopping.

If our phone booths were this cute, we probably would have kept them as well.

We tried to do a little shopping on the 24th, but apparently London shop-keepers didn't seem to care about selling stuff, notwithstanding the current economic conditions. Like this shop, whose keeper kicked us out when we tried to walk in, even though it was 1:50pm and the shop was set to close at 2:00.

We were able to stop by the wonderful book-binding store that Maggie had scoped out for me and pick up some beautiful bookcloth that I cannot wait to use. So it wasn't all a loss.

After shopping, we headed to Maggie's home for Christmas Eve dinner and some gift opening. The whole gang was there. Alex (who, incidentally, loves it when I post his picture on the blog):

(Ha ha. He actually hates it!)

Graham (who took a little nap and looked fabulous while doing so):

And Maggie:

The presents were beautifully wrapped.

And we had a wonderful dinner.

Followed by a very pretty trifle.

And me? I was there too, though I didn't get a picture of myself, until I took this distorted and fairly unattractive one while waiting for the tube back to where we were staying.

Before heading to bed, Alex and I went to the church across the street from where we were staying for midnight mass. It was beautiful.

And the tree was one of the only traditionally decorated (i.e. not covered in tinsel and other decor that should have been outlawed after the 1970s) trees we saw in London.

One of these days, I'll be caught up to current pictures, but as long as I'm not: Merry Christmas! ;)

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