Saturday, September 13, 2008

Presto change-o!

This all happened very fast. It was only 11 days ago that we were sitting in our car in the loop waiting for a tow. I suppose it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Over the three years we have owned our car, we learned a lot. While it was not the first car we had driven, it was the first car either Alex or I had owned. And it was the first car either of us had driven for any extended period of time in the city.

We learned things like big engines and sport packages sound cool and are fun to play with on suburban streets and highways, but are totally impractical in the city. We learned rear wheel drive cars are just as terrible in the winter as people say they are. We learned that low profile tires are just begging to be flat. We learned that when it snows, no one plows our alley. We learned that normal sized people don't fit in our back seat.

And we thought about all those lessons as we sat in our car in the loop waiting for a tow.

In the days that passed after we got our car back, Alex convinced me it was time to look at new cars... er, new used cars? (It was one of those things that came up early in our relationship - mutual distaste for buying new cars.) It was time to look for another car. He's right; I couldn't handle another winter with our car.

Today is m
y mom's birthday. (Happy Birthday Mom!) Since we had planned to start scoping out cars today, we decided to meet up with my mom for breakfast before heading to Schaumburg to see what we liked. It was a fact finding mission. No checkbooks were brought. No title or extra keys to our car made the journey.

And yet somehow we came home in a different car than we started with. :)

Bye, bye car. We will miss you.


  1. Car shopping will get you like that. We went car shopping to look at new cars for Adam, and some how came home with a new car for me. Which I am very happy with, since my old car was about due for a new clutch, but it definitely took us by surprise.

  2. Your new pre-owned car is beautiful and should be much sturdier in taking on Chicago's street obstacles! I look forward to enjoying the seat heaters in the spacious rear during winter pickups from the train station. Thanks for the birthday meals (now your car and I will share the same birthday.)

    From Mom