Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've joined the ranks

My brothers are younger than me, quite a bit younger in fact (8.5 and 11.5 yrs). People often ask whether my brothers see me as a sister or as a mother. I like to respond that they see me as a little of both. A nice, even, 50/50 split. I'm a mother-sister, but not the creepy/weird kind.

The older generation/mother part of the equation was highlighted a couple years ago when I innocently asked my brothers if I should join facebook. Not only was I discouraged, I was told that I was too old and that if I joined, I would be a creepy old person lurking among the younger, cooler kids.

Yikes! It's one of my life's goals to never be creepy-and-old. I mean, old is unavoidable. I'll do my best, though, to keep creepy in combination with old out of my dossier. Actually, you know what? I just don't ever want to be creepy. Creepy-and-young or creepy-and-middle-aged can go right along with creepy-and-old in the there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I box.

So I didn't join. I stayed away. And then a friend withheld pictures. I love pictures. How would I remember what I have done if I didn't take pictures? He told me he would only post the pictures I wanted to see on facebook. Join or else.

And I did. I took the plunge. Young and cool kids of the world look out! I'm on facebook!

And true to half-mother/half-sister form, half of my brothers agreed to be my friend (because I'm his sister) and the other half ignored my request (because he doesn't want me all up in his business. or maybe because I say things like "he doesn't want me all up in his business." because it would be like having your mom as your friend on facebook.).

Whatever. Mom, if you want to join facebook, I will be your friend. :)


  1. I'm friends with my mom on facebook. :)

  2. this has nothing to do with you... i am terrified of alex

    anonymous brother

  3. Now, hang on a second. I like that this "anonymous" brother is casting doubts on my character by stating he's "terrified" by the prospect of being my facebook friend. Honestly? I'm harmless!

    We can negotiate some sort of agreement to make you more at ease...perhaps no wall postings (that's a facebook thing, right?) or such.

    Bottom line - ignore my friend request if you feel so inclined. That's okay. Seriously. I think I'll make it. But don't ignore your sister! That's just mean.