Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We made it home at 1am last night, five hours after we set out to leave.

In all, it was a miserable night, from which we will take away no lessons and for which we will be no stronger (Kanye, my friend, it seems that those things that don't kill us don't always make us stronger).

Really unhappy

It turns out we were right to not leave our car with faulty-tow-truck-guy. By the time the second driver came to save us, the first guy had gone rogue. No telling whether he would have delivered our car to the dealership or taken it home with him for funsies.

Fortunately, though, Alex is a good broken-down-car-buddy. Our marriage survived and we didn't even try to kill each other. :) And we did have a dinner together that I'm certain we will not soon forget. Even if we want to.

Extremely unhappy

PS - Blogging was extremely therapeutic. Thanks for listening.


  1. Patrick needs to update his previous blog-posting timetable, eh? Four posts in one day. Just think what would happen if we have another disaster on our hands.

    You also need to share the part that almost made this horrible night better - when we got home we were 50 feet from a guy getting out of cab in the midst of some argument with his driver. Screaming, gestures, etc. It ended with the cabbie trying to run this guy down, missing, backing up and trying again. Good times.

    The fact that it happened about 15 feet from the Catholic Church across the street from our house was a nice ironic touch, I thought.

  2. I think the trend still holds if I revise the metric to include post quality.