Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are having a great time with our out of town guests: Alex's mom Maggie is in town and my little brother Patrick came to Chicago to spend Memorial Day with his favorite sister.

Ha! Fantasies about my brother actually thinking I'm cool aside (have to put them aside as they've been dashed - Patrick actually flew out here to hang out with his friends who are in Chicago for the summer), it's been a very nice weekend so far. Patrick and I did manage to fit in some quality brother-sister time yesterday morning when I made him join me for a beach workout with my trainer. She kicked our butts, making us run relays, do plyometrics, and do suicide sprints, all in the sand. Patrick summed it up best by saying "I cannot complain enough about that workout." It sucked. Here's a picture of us trying not to look like we're in lots of pain:

Patrick and I on Oak Street Beach:
the only thing that looks good in this picture is the city of Chicago

After the workout, Alex, Maggie, Patrick and I met up at the Green City Market
and had lunch. I headed back home and worked on dinner, which was really tasty and one of our favorites, but sadly, I didn't take pictures, so I can't tell you about what I made! Next time we make it, I promise to tell you all about Korean barbecue beef with coconut rice and lettuce wraps. The day ended with a double-elimination Wii Tennis tournament between Alex, Chris, Patrick and me. No comment on who finished in last place...

This morning we enjoyed a belated Mother's Day brunch at NoMi with my mom and Maggie, my brothers, Alex and me. NoMi is such a beautiful space - it's in the Park Hyatt with a lovely view over the Water Tower on Michigan Avenue. We had requested and (luckily) received a window table. The view was so gorgeous, we didn't want to leave, and, of course, the best way to justify staying a long time at Sunday brunch is to simply not stop eating. We'll spend the rest of the day fending off food comas, but they were worth it! :)

Window tables at Nomi

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