Monday, May 19, 2008

Get thee to a couch and watch this show!

There's another thing that perplexes me: why everyone doesn't watch "How I Met Your Mother." It's hilarious. It's sweet. It's got Doogie Howser* people!!

Maybe it will increase its viewership with fans of Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Jason Segel is a member of the ensemble cast) or fans of Scrubs (Sarah Chalke is a new addition) (or fans of my blog?), but this show needs to stay on the air - for the good of humanity! (Too much?)

The season finale was tonight and I won't have anyone to discuss it with tomorrow. Isn't that sad? Don't make me sad - watch this show! Give it a try this summer. You'll be happy you did.

Here's a sampling:

*Not only does it have Doogie Howser, it acknowledges it in hilarious fashion. Check out the link!


  1. Unfortunately it conflicts with my Monday night knitting group. And we are so technologically behind the times that we don't have Tivo (or cable for that matter...). But I do watch it online whenever I remember. And will watch it tomorrow, since I (finally!) have a day off. If only I could find old episodes of Doogie Howser online somewhere. I would love to watch those again.

  2. Ah, but you can!!!! I've found it to be a little slow and not great quality, but it was perfect for showing Alex what Doogie Howser was and why I was laughing my butt off when that scene in HIMYM started, since he didn't watch it as a kid. I know, gasp! Who didn't watch Doogie Howser?? It was so wholesome!! Of course, with my severe problem with competitiveness, I was insanely jealous of Doogie...

  3. I will have you know that I have gotten Mark addicted to it, and we sat down together and watched it. What a fun way to waste the evening. And plus, it is totally geared to our age group. ...I was worried that was the series finally. Is it only the season finally?

    and if you do miss it, don't try watching the show later on cbs, it crashes way too much. Better just to spend the two bucks and get it off iTunes. It saves lots in frustration