Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh happy day!

The email arrived at 10:27am central time. Subject: Success. Message: We now have a wii!

Oh what torture to wait until 8:30pm to play! As you can see, though, I'm working on making up for it.

The weekend in Seattle was lovely. We ate, we drank, we gabbed, we got manicures and facials - it was the perfect girls weekend.

The girls.

Weekends like this are so much fun for me. I miss my college friends and need to take any chance I can get to act like a girl...apparently. Tonight when our building's cleaning lady walked into my office to empty the trash, she declared (very sweetly) that she really liked my new haircut. And that it made me look like a girl. I'm not quite sure what she meant by that. I mean, what did I look like before? A woman? (ie I look younger) Or a boy? (yikes!) I'm not going to worry about it. She meant it as a compliment, and she's very sweet.

Speaking of sweet - so is Amanda - the girl who just got dumped on the Bachelor (what I'm watching right now). This Brit comes off as genuine and genteel because of his accent (we Americans are so easily duped by the accent), but really all he can think with is his pants and his love of American celebrity. The final two make this clear - Lorenzo Lamas's daughter and the girl he was about to dump until she put on a see-through nightgown in the fantasy suite. I know it's wrong of me to have expectations from this show, but I'm disappointed nonetheless.

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