Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm on a Boat!

Where's the paparazzi?

There's the paparazzi!

Oh yes, I took a lot of pictures in Greece. It's about time I share more!

We spent a fair amount of time with my friends on the boat, soaking up (hiding from) the sunshine. It was amazing!

Dancing Leni, Serious Leni

Our first excursion on the boat was to Aegina - home of the Temple of Aphaia...

...and cafes with festive fruity drinks!

Our next excursion was to Hydra, where were surrounded by the whites and the blues that make it so obvious why these colors make up the Greek flag. The blues and whites of Greece are beyond compare.

No cars are allowed on Hydra, so mules and donkeys are the modes of transportation. (Well that and your own feet - we stuck with self-propulsion.)

There are some really beautiful views and canons!

and willing models, you know, for the paparazzi. :)

We had a great time boating with you guys!

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  1. Once again, absolutely wonderful images! I love the atmosphere that stands out in your pictures. I just feel like I'm there.