Saturday, August 8, 2009


Poros was our gateway to the Peloponnese.

It was where we met up with our friends in Greece, and it was where we would say goodbye to them. And in between, it was where I did my best to get some good shots of my friends

Poros from the water

at the beach,

on the boat to the mainland,

and in town as well.

Our last day with Dave and Ruth was baby Lily's first birthday.

I love this moment from our last night in town. Lily, emboldened by the full year she had under her belt, decided to see what these youngsters were up to. She stared down these guys, made sure they knew she was watching them. And I'm so happy Ruth pointed it out to me. So precious!

And then the sun started to set.

The light bathed us all in a warm, warm light.

And Ruth was so sweet to take our picture too!

And then we headed back to Athens, so we could make our way to Santorini. I'll tell you about that next time, after this beautiful sunset.


  1. kathleen, these are amazing photos ... what a great trip!! makes me want to go ... soon!! ;)

  2. holy crap! new blog posts! awesome!