Monday, June 7, 2010

Ready? Set?

When you tell people that you are pregnant, there is generally a routine set of answers you run through.

For me:
June 17th - yes it's getting very close!
We do know. It's a boy.
We do have a few names picked. No, we'd rather not share them.
and... I think so, I'm not sure, I think we're as ready as we can be.

Yes, we get asked a lot if we're ready. I have varying reactions to the question. I mean, my brothers are 9 and 12 years younger than me - I've changed a lot of diapers, soothed a lot of colic-y fits, fed, burped, etc., etc. I've got the gist of it. I'm not afraid of babies. I don't think they are alien life forms. I'm happy to hold even a crying baby every now and then, until they keep crying and I feel like too many people are watching me fail.

But honestly, what does being ready mean? I really think I only have a sense of what being a parent is like. I was never responsible for waking in the middle of the night to care for my brothers. Sleep deprivation, hormones (!) and the possibly overwhelming desire to be an amazing parent are all foreign. I sometimes disciplined my brothers by sitting on them for goodness sake! That probably doesn't quite cut it as a parent.

So what's a mom-to-be to do? I nest. It's what I can control.

Our house had a room that was perfect for our new little one. Only it was pink - completely and totally, top to bottom - pink carpet, pink walls, pink window treatment - pink, pink, pink. So when we found out that our little one was a little guy, we replaced carpet, painted walls, took down the window treatment and got to work on making him feel at home. Here is his room the last time I took a picture:

And based on popular demand, here is what I look like these days:

If this doesn't look ready to you, I ask you what does?? ;)

So furniture has been delivered - both his and mine (gliders!!). Sheets, blankets, and teeny tiny clothes are washed. The crib, pack n play, vibrating baby seat, stroller with car seat attachment and highchair (we got ambitious - I realize this is early) are assembled. The car seat base is in the car, and I even think we did it correctly!

So are we ready???

I think so, I'm not sure, I think we're as ready as we can be. :)