Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Cousin Susie

I'm worried my lovely cousins and aunt will think that I've withheld pictures for so long because I have a secret vendetta or something. But that's not it.

I love my cousin Susie and her sisters and my aunt Mary.

My lovely cousin Susie, who may even be a mother now for all I know (I'm so far behind the world these days), had her baby shower on January 10th (yes, 46 days ago) and I'm just now posting the photos because I'm a little embarrassed. More on that in a sec. Doesn't she look so happy?

Yeah, so about that embarrassment - January 10th was six days after I returned from Florida, where I took lots of pictures of kids. And at some point along the way, some stuff/crud/whatever got on my lens (actually, it was on my filter, but whatever). And a bunch of my photos got a little weird as a result. Nuts! But I was able to salvage some of the results with a great deal of effort.

Nothing brings the ladies in my family together like a baby or bridal shower. And Susie's was no exception. Cousins...

aunts, moms, family friends...

we all had a great time.

So Susie (Susan to those of you haven't known her since before she was 2), when are you going to have the baby already so I can come up north with my camera??? :)

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