Monday, April 25, 2011

Will's Second Month

If Will's first month was, like, forever ago, his second month was at least a very, very long time ago. I certainly remember a few more bits from the second month than the first, but as I reflect on the pictures and videos, he still seems like a very different little person.

My memories of Will's second month are mostly a blur, dotted with angry attempts at tummy time, lots and lots of eating, and the most beautiful smiles I had ever seen. And in between there was sleep. Sometimes there was less sleeping and more crying. Sometimes there was lots of crying. Sometimes I cried too. I won't lie - sometimes that second month was tough.

Tough as that month was, and bald and suffering (a bit) from baby acne though Will was, I still love watching this video. Will, in my humble opinion, was simply adorable. You be the judge:

Some statistics on Will's second month:
Starting length/weight - 22.25", 10lbs, 1oz
Ending length/weight - 23.5", 12lbs, 13oz
Biggest pet peeve - Having to stop eating to burp
Favorite drug - Mylicon
Nights slept through - 1 (Spoiler alert! This number doesn't increase for a while.)
Other milestones - Seeing the bugs on his swing, batting at the toys in his gym, and smiling!!


  1. I'm seriously such a sap...maybe its because our boys are the same age...but man, these videos make me tear up! :) What did you use to make them? (and I love your London videos! He looked like he was having a blast riding on your husband's shoulders! :))

  2. Abby - I used iMovie on our Mac. It's unbelievably user friendly.