Monday, December 1, 2008

The Tokyo National Museum

100th post! 100th post! 100th post! :) I just noticed that. Thanks for reading! (Wait, someone's reading all of these, right?)

The vacation fun continues. I guess I'll just stick with this posting every day thing until I've finished up telling you all about our vacation. NaBloPoMo lives on!

Our next stop in Tokyo was the Tokyo National Museum.

The museum is actually a number of buildings of different architectural styles which together contain one of the world's greatest collections of East Asian art and archeological finds.

Alex and I had a great time exploring the museums and reading anything we could find in English so it made some sense to us. As we often do when exploring the artistic or religious sites of other cultures, we stayed until everything started to look the same.

There were a lot of different things to see, so that took a while.

Especially since each of the buildings were a little different. From art to archeology, we saw a little bit of everything.

But it eventually did start to look the same.

I mean, even the locals get tired.

But it was well worth the trip.

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